Happiness at Work

Panel discussion with Cara Power and Lydia Loizides

Give One Dream presents a panel discussion on Happiness at Work

Is your life now far from what you have imagined it to be when you were young? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others who seem to have achieved more success? In the repetitive cycles of life, do you often complain about your job and wish you could be doing something else with your life?

Happiness at work. Is this an oxymoron? You may ask. Is it possible to be happy and feel amazing about our work?

Many of us work very long hours, and our job and the pursuit of a career consume our lives. In the society where success in career is worshipped, it's hard to separate our value and identity from our work.

If we spend so much of our awake moments at our job, how terrible is it to be unfulfilled and unhappy at work? Can our job be more than a paycheck? How can we pursue a career that we find to be meaningful and fulfilling… and be happy at work?

Join us on September 24th, and we are inviting experts who will help to answer these questions and share their perspective and wisdom! We will talk about how to build a better, happier, and more rewarding professional life.

Panel discussion will start at 7pm followed by a reception. We will serve lots of food (Korean fried chicken from Bonchon(!) and other yummy food) and unlimited drinks! :) Even if you can't join for the panel talk, join us for the reception!

I would be so grateful if you can please help others attend by sponsoring Pay Forward Tickets! :) (You can purchase pay forward tickets by selecting "Pay Forward tickets" in the Ticket Type. What is a pay forward ticket? Please see this link! http://www.giveonedream.com/pay-forward/)

You can also request pay forward tickets, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors! :) If you are a student, or experiencing financial & other difficulty and need a gift of inspiration, please send me an email.

Give One Dream is a labor of love, and despite many challenges, we are doing our best to grow this community so that we can continue to help people. If you want to make a contribution to help create this event and to grow this community, please consider giving a donation. Any amount of donation will be super helpful, and I will be forever indebted to you for your generosity! You can paypal to celina@giveonedream.com (https://www.paypal.com/)

If you have questions you want to ask the panelists during the event, please email me in advance. Feel free to share anything personal- I won't share your name (unless you want me to).

Also, If you want to help out in any way, or have any questions about the event, please email me celina@giveonedream.com

If you are not in NY, please share the invitation link to your friends in NY who may be interested in attending.

Thank you and see you on September 24th!


Celina & Give One Dream team

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Thu Sep 24, 2015
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